Try not to use generic verbs — they can hurt rather than help your resume. Use strong and powerful verbs that complement the front end developer skills you have. Be creative and use a new action verb for each bullet point; vary your word choices and choose the best one according to the responsibilities you had in the project. JavaScript is essential, but employers are specifically looking for experience with certain frameworks like React.js, Vue.js or Angular.js. Make sure to list those you’re comfortable with under your skills section and illustrate their use in your project descriptions.

Start building a professional resume template here for free. The following tips are based on what we’ve learned from helping over 100,000 job seekers create a resume with our resume builder. I was on a team building a Mobile App for Accelerate Tv with React Native, to help their users access there contents on the go. This project is sponsored how to become a front end developer by Access Bank in Nigeria, creating a platform where User can create a bank account on the Go. As the lead developer, my main role was to engage with clients and support and mentor the members of my team. I also spearheaded the creation of a development process that improved the workflow and introduced new technologies into projects.

Bonus tips!

By highlighting how you’ve made a positive impact in your previous roles, you’ll stand out to potential employers and demonstrate your value as a candidate. They don’t add a resume profile (in the form of a resume objective or resume summary) that grabs the hiring team. All excellent resumes combine user-friendliness with a convincing case for employment. The tricky part can be finding the right balance between an exciting design and one that overwhelms your message. How much self-confidence can you convey without sounding arrogant? Taking the time to research what gets positive attention from recruiters will pay off in more responses.

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As an iOS Developer, problem-solving is a huge part of your daily job. In your CV, try to include specific instances where you’ve encountered problems, how you approached them, and the solutions you implemented. This way, you help recruiters appreciate your analytical thinking and ability to navigate complex software challenges.

How to write a Front End Developer Resume

As an iOS Developer, your CV tells the tale of your capabilities in creating apps for one of the most popular mobile platforms. With the App Store being home to over 2 million apps and counting, the scale and complexity of projects you’ve tackled should be clearly reflected in your CV. Apple’s commitment to privacy and their shift towards Swift programming language are industry trends that can’t be ignored. So, potential employers will want to see how you’ve incorporated these aspects into your projects.

  • When describing your experience, don’t just list your tasks – that won’t set you apart from other candidates.
  • Start and customize as many resumes as you need with our free resume builder .
  • Your resume should highlight your unique skills and experiences in developing iOS apps using the latest technologies.
  • The tech industry evolves rapidly, and recently there’s a surge in demand for front-end developers with knowledge of JavaScript frameworks such as React and Vue.js.
  • Use bullet points to list your accomplishments and make them stand out.