Our consultants help foster meaningful engagement in clinical trials.

Since 2008, our team has been developing myClin, the next-level collaboration platform for your clinical study. More recently, we decided to launch Clinical Works to put our expertise in clinical operations and creative services to work and help bring your study to life.

Why did we start Clinical Works?

Clinical trials usually involve 100s to 1000s of individuals, employed by different companies to participate in a research study. i.e. the scientists, business and operational people at the drug company; the physicians, nursing staff and administrative support at hospitals and clinics where the trial is occurring; the patients that voluntarily entrust their wellbeing to the aforementioned cadre and a small army of third party service and technology providers like us.

These people may never meet, are spread around the globe and each has his or her own motive to be involved with the project. Not much of a foundation to establish a meaningful relationship there.

Now, factor in that these trials frequently take years to plan and execute, these are also long-term relationships, not casual transactions.

Users that most value the myClin platform do it with great content, thoughtful engagement and what we call ‘professionally informal’ transparency – ‘being real’ to you and me. Those that take this journey soon realize the value they unlock by having an engaged community of physicians, nurses, colleagues and partners rowing in the boat with them is all down to the relationships they have forged. They also realize they need help to do this more effectively and with skills that don’t typically exist within their organizations. My team could spend years and millions of dollars developing LinkedIn or Facebook-like algorithms to create the illusion of engagement built on a shaky footing of commodity relationships facilitated by technology.

Instead, we are proud to present Clinical Works. A clinical operations consultancy helping foster meaningful engagement between those involved in clinical trials.

Meet Our Operations And Creative Experts.

Since 2008, our team has been developing myClin, the next-level collaboration platform for your clinical study. More recently, we decided to launch Clinical Works to put our expertise in clinical operations and creative services to work and help bring your study to life.

  • Consultant - Clinical Operations
    Kathy Goin

    From her professional foundation as a licensed occupational therapist, through a variety of leadership roles in clinical operations, to her current role as VP of Clinical Operations, Kathy helps advance research while bringing the people doing the work to the forefront.

    Eileen Daniel

    Eileen believes that GHP (Good Human Practice) must be applied to every aspect of clinical research. She has done the work, written the procedures, entered the data, built the systems and led the teams in her 25+ year pursuit of making it easier to do what is unnecessarily complex. She is insistent on walking the walk of every study stakeholder and opening minds to apply the modern tools of our time to the world of clinical research.

  • Consultant - Clinical Operations
    John Silowsky

    John has 20 years of experience, having filled roles from site study coordination to director level leadership. He has worked for companies and clients as diverse as boutique CROs to large pharma. Prior to entry into this industry, John practiced as a nurse in infectious disease, critical care, and emergency care.

  • Consultant - Clinical Operations
    Colleen Pellegrini

    Colleen brings a strong clinical site perspective as she spent 12+ years in clinical research at the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked on 100+ studies at the site level, including Phase I-III investigational drug studies, medical device studies, and Phase IV surveillance trials. She volunteered as a non-physician, scientific reviewer at an IRB for 7 years.

  • Consultant - Design
    Johnny Bilotta

    Johnny has spent the better part of his 20 year career designing products in the digital space. He has applied his discipline of “digital ergonomics” to softwares in healthcare, stock trading and communication. He earned a MacWorld award in 2009 and has been named one of the leading Tech Disruptors of 2016 by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

    Jennifer Grove

    With 25 years’ experience in Clinical Operations, and an active Research Consultancy, providing support with project management, monitoring, technical writing, submissions and clinical trials in the UK, Europe, Africa, Canada and South America, Jennifer is well placed to assist clients from a ClinOps perspective in their use of myClin and as a UK member of a Clinical Works team.

  • Principal Consultant
    James Denmark

    James Denmark spent 20 years in the technology and clinical services industry working in the global central lab, CRO, IVRS and centralized ECG fields as a technologist, operational head and general manager. He has held positions with Shell Oil, Meyer International, Scicor, Covance, Nexigent and Reliance Industries.

  • Consultant - Business Development
    Adam Wood

    Adam spent his formative drug development years with Covance – developing systems to support Clinical Operations and Data Management. Using that Clinical Development domain expertise, in the 20 years since he has worked on pioneering EDC applications and a wide range of ePRO/eCOA solutions from devices, tablets and IxRS. He has spent the last 15 years in business development roles for premier eClinical providers.


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