How you pay yourself depends on how your business is structured, so talk to your accountant or do some research into taking a salary versus a draw. We update our data regularly, but information can change between updates. Confirm details with the provider you’re interested in before making a decision. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

  • Communication is key with most things in life; this remains true of your billing strategy.
  • Budgets, bookkeeping, taxes, and risk management are all part of the mix.
  • Selecting a service with a solid range of features and customizable price options is critical when purchasing software.

For one, it helps you pay your personal expenses and build your savings. Financing decisions impact a company’s capital structure and determine the mix of debt and equity used for financing business operations and investments. A well-balanced capital structure minimizes the cost of capital and financial risks while maximizing profitability and financial sustainability.

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Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, understanding the ins and outs of small business money management is key to long-term success. Renowned fintech startup Clear has released ClearOne, a GST compatible billing and e-invoicing software, to assist businesses in digitizing and streamlining this process. Professional invoicing, e-invoicing, export invoicing, and e-way bill production are among the billing options. If you currently utilize an electronic payment system, its on-the-go billing features may be sufficient. Selecting a service with a solid range of features and customizable price options is critical when purchasing software. It’s also essential to quickly generate invoices and keep track of spending and time.

  • If you think online banking could benefit your business, you can talk to your bank about the time- and cost-saving advantages of going digital.
  • Consider hiring a certified public accountant (CPA), bookkeeper, or using an online service.
  • Without a clear direction for your business’s finances, it’s nearly impossible to hit your targets.
  • The grant will usually have to be used in a specific way and the criteria businesses must meet can be tough.
  • In the early days, you might be able to submit your tax returns on time and file the company accounts yourself with the help of your cloud accounting software.

These days, your accounting software should have a cashflow statement as one of its standard reports. However, if not, these documents are very easy to create yourself and do not require any prior accounting experience at all. This simple cashflow template and accompanying article from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants includes everything you need to know. One of the most difficult periods for cashflow is in the early days of your business. While you’re busy setting up the business, you will have many expenses but no clients or customers to create an income stream. Things like this can result in errors in the payroll system and may force you to spend long hours trying to see where things went wrong.

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It includes tasks such as generating and sending out invoices, recording your expenses, monitoring your outgoings and paying employees. It comes into the business as ‘income’ from customers and clients who buy your products and services. It flows out of the business in the form of ‘expenditure’, such as rent, wages, monthly loan payments, payments to suppliers, etc. While some small business owners may have prior experience running a business or have strong financial literacy, many are complete novices. That’s when it pays to have resources to turn to that will guide you through the crucial early decisions and the financial tasks you’re going to face. You can also enable recurring invoices, payment reminders, and even send invoices from your mobile device and deliver them via SMS, email, WhatsApp, or Messenger.

If you do not have the money to invest in the business yourself (equity) then you will have a higher value of liabilities. These three pieces of financial information can be used to calculate the net worth of your business at any time. As an employer, it is your responsibility to calculate and deduct income tax and National Insurance contributions from the salaries of your employees and pay them over to HMRC. You must also pay employer’s National Insurance at a rate of 13.80 percent. Unfortunately, running your own business comes with a number of time-consuming but unavoidable bookkeeping, tax and accounting tasks.

How to Manage Business Finances? [7 Key Tips]

On the other hand, if you have a method of marketing your business that’s proven to generate results, increasing your marketing spend temporarily will lead to an upturn in sales. Late payments are a leading cause of cashflow problems, so it’s worth thinking about how you’ll encourage your customers to pay on time. Another big step in managing your small business’s cashflow situation is choosing appropriate payment terms.


It requires the business person to have the good financial discipline and receive help from professionals wherever needed. Your cash flow forecast estimates the income and expenses your business will incur in the next quarter or year. You can later compare your predictions with your cash flow statement to adjust your business finances accordingly. In the beginning stages of their business, many business owners may wonder how to manage business finances effectively. Unfortunately, with all the moving parts of a business, getting overwhelmed and letting finances take a seat on the back burner is easy. Employ both internal resources and external audit firms for unbiased, comprehensive evaluations.

If you’ve been making on-time payments and they haven’t been submitted, consider signing up for Dun & Bradstreet’s CreditBuilder product. Dun & Bradstreet will seek out your payment experience from vendors and include it in your PAYDEX business credit score. This should also take into account the company’s strategic goals, financial condition, and risk tolerance. Investment decisions are a significant part of business finance management. A budget helps you plan and track expenses, preventing overspending and ensuring you always have enough funds for necessary expenses. A budget also enables you to prepare for future costs, such as payroll taxes and inventory purchases, to avoid dipping into emergency funds.

If you’re still mailing out paper statements or invoices, you’re likely not getting paid for weeks. Switching to an online invoicing system like Invoice2go, a company, helps you get paid faster as customers can respond and pay directly from the electronic invoice. On average, using a digital invoicing workflow enables you to get paid three weeks faster than traditional snail mail. At some point, you’ll need to grow, and that usually requires a loan. If your business credit isn’t good, you might have trouble achieving your goals of acquisition, expansion, or offering employee benefits.

Seven Small Business Financial Management Tips

With crowdfunding, you show your business idea to a pool of prospective investors. Since you can pitch your idea to multiple investors at one time, it’s a popular way to fast-track financing. Instead, small businesses will simply reward them with gifts to thank them for their funding. One of the most crucial periods for cash flow is at the start of your business. You’ll have a lot of expenses but lack the clients or customers to have a regular income stream. During this time, have an external source of cash flow like savings or a loan to keep you afloat.

Budgeting Tools:

As you take action on your business goals, the best task you can do in your business is to monitor your progress against these goals. When you monitor each month and see how you progressed towards your goals, you can identify where you came up financial calculator short and adjust to improve your process the following month. You better position your business as you go instead of not understanding where you are falling short. Think of the budget as a plan for how you want to achieve your business goals.