Clinical Trial Communications

Explaining the interference and confusion that happens during clinical trials.

Explaining how all the parties involved in a clinical trial collaborate can be difficult to do verbally. Because of this we wanted to illustrate simply, all the lines of communication that need to take place. As well as illustrate the confusion they can cause.

The Proposal

Illustrate how communication during a clinical trial can become a ball of confusion. At the same time display the expertise areas of each service provider. Compare that to the solutions offered by using systems such as myClin and guidance from our consultants

Final Graphic

The Outcome

A simple node graph is used to illustrate all the connections that are needed by each service provider. This creates a web or “noise” in the center demonstrating the potential problem that exists. Furthermore we use inner circles to show how software like myClin is able to give all providers a single point of contact to communicate to everyone involved.

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