Efficient Clinical Operations. High Touch Creative Services.

The Clinical Works Team can help make your study more effective, engaging, compelling, understandable, and most of all, memorable.


Our team of seasoned clinical operations experts will help you design and implement the right procedures to ensure quality, train your team, and efficiently execute your clinical program.

Clinical Project Management

We help you train, manage, or complement your team to ensure that tasks are carried out accurately and in a timely manner.

Curated Clinical Operations

Are you ready to move faster and smarter with a high impact, curated ClinOps team? We help new bio-pharm ventures and start-ups bridge the gap from investment to clinical development. Find out more.

Site Initiation Meetings

We help you organize virtual or in-person investigators meetings to ensure that your clinical sites are well aligned and trained when your study starts.

Motive Alignment

We conduct strategy sessions, assessments and workshops to help you understand what motivates (non-patient) stakeholders and align motives for your entire team from clinical sites to study suppliers.

Training Materials

We have more than 20 years experience managing and training clinical study teams. We can help you set up the right training processes and materials to better inform and engage your team from day one.


We provide a comprehensive assessment of your program and identify opportunities to streamline your operations and ensure quality.


Pointing your staff to a large pile of documentation – physical or virtual – is not enough to ensure it will be read and understood in a timely manner. Clinical Works helps you present and deliver study documents, training and protocols in visual, highly engaging formats.


Approaching your clinical trials as “brands” helps create a unique identity for your programs and communicate more consistently and professionally.

Study Communication Plans

We define a comprehensive plan for you to communicate more efficiently with your team and study partners from day one.

Information Graphics

We bring your data, processes and documentation to the next level with highly visual information graphics.

Data Vizualization

Our team can help you present your data in a pictorial or graphical format to represent complex data sets, concepts and processes.


Bring the most essential study information, documents or training material to the next level. Keep your staff informed, engaged, and inspired with high quality presentations, visuals and creative assets.


We help you bring your study materials to life with animated content that stands out and instantly clarifies essential documents and procedures.


We work with experienced photographers to present your team, partners, or facilities in the best possible light and communicate an image of quality.

Video Production

Our team partners with video professionals to capture training materials, better explain procedures, and increase engagement for your program.


We can assist you in clarifying important communication assets with professional copywriting.


What can Clinical Works do for your business?


Clinical Works US

25 South Main Street #55
Yardley, PA 19067
United States of America

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